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The Beginning


Our 3 founders met as high school students when they were all encouraged to join student government for their problem solving and budget management skills. After forming a friendship, they all ended up applying and being accepted to Fordham University. The trio moved in together, renting an off-campus state of the art party pad! It was during this tenure, out of necessity to sustain paramount levels of entertainment- natural entrepreneurism sparked a business plan that turned into their first company and, ultimately, became the foundation for founding and building several businesses.


Low + Good culture is customer-centric. Today, our eCommerce business is rapidly growing to meet our customer's ever evolving needs. We strive to better engage with our customers.

Low + Good's family of companies have contributed to our evolution. As we continue to expand, differentiating ourselves across all channels, brands, and locations in which we operate, we are better able to serve our customers.

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